Demian Jakob

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☆ things i made
2020 Threnody 2020. A concert for events with Covid-19 precautionary measures
2020 Throw Your Drum Machine Indie Air
2020 19xx_2xxx_ with Jeans for Jesus
2020 for.noise.cancelling.headphones for the Exhibition Hyperrreality X at @theoffspace Zürich
2019 DO 9 a contribution for Dumpf Edition #12
2019 Bauprobe - Performative installation and installative performance for the Prague Quadriennal in Collaboration with Nicolas Rothenbühler and Maria Zimmermann
2019Lightdesign for BODIY by Ernestyna Orlowska
2019 Live-Visuals for «WEG» by Club 111
2019 Assistant to Norma for the normabar at theresidency
2018 Excellent Undergraduate Teaching Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2018 Online Films On The Street, Group exhibition, 798 Arts Centre, Beijing
2018 Temporary help in the technical department Theater Winkelwiese
2018 Performance for Me Time by Oliver Roth
2017 Light-Installation Fichtenwirbel for Zauberwald Lenzerheide with N. Rothenbuehler
2017 Tourtech for CTRL-V by Cosima Grand in Teheran and Bellinzona
2017 Visuals for Egoisten by Schauplatz International
2017 Songwriter, Performance and Showdesign for P R O by Jeans for Jesus.
The perfume was created in collaboration with Niklaus Mettler from In'n'Out Fragrances
2017 Musical Composition and Development of a Live Looping Device for Betsy Hung, Concerts in Zürich and Hong Kong
2017 Visuals for Heimat Kosmos by Club 111 with Meret Matter, Grazia Pergoletti and Renate Wünsch
2016 Lightdesign for Mi lieb gstöört Vättu by fünfnachbusch
2016 Lightdesign for Der Rock meines Vaters by top ten prod.
2015 WUMMS! by das schaubüro
2015 a one month performance with the Mühsam Bar
2015 Technical Director for the theatre-installation all my lives by Heiniger/Forrer
2015 Whatever Comes by das schaubüro
2014 Co-Autor for the album Jeans for Jesus and the accompanying Welttournee durch die Deutsch-Schweiz
2014 Lightdesign for Ich, ohne aufzufallen by Mani Matter
2013 Sound and Lights for Der 1000-Franken Deal by das schaubüro
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19xx do you remember? tell me!

things i was
2020 Award Winner Apollo Dionysus Prize
2019 Video engineer at Schauspielhaus Zurich
2012 - 2016 Sound engineer for LiveSound AG
10/2012 – 09/2015 Deputy Technical Director at Schlachthaus Theater Bern
Since 2011 Lightdesigner and touring tech for several swiss theatre companys in Freie Szene

☆ things i learned
2018 Exchange-Semester Art and Technology Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.
Interventions, Research and Exhibitions in Beijing and Shenzhen.
Aesthetics of Machine Learning / Programming Virtual Reality / Art of Webvideo.
2016 - 2020 BA Fine Arts at Zurich University of Arts
Among other things popdesign with Dimitri dePerrot, Digitalität with Felix Stalder, Performance with Olivia Jaques
2009 - 2012Professional training as a specialist for event technology (Fachkraft für Veranstaltungstechnik)
Schlachthaus Theater Bern
IHK Karlsruhe
additional qualifications of the Eventakademie Baden-Baden
including fire safety officer, laser protection and pyrotechnics.
2008 Recruit school of the rescue troops
2001 - 2007 Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt
1995 - 2001 Primary School in Real de Catorce, S.L.P.

☆ things i mess with
Bing QLab VUO Arena Quartz Composer Mad Pandoras Box After Effects OpenCV
Ding Arduino Raspberry Pi Pure Data openFrameworks Python Processing
Ring Ableton Live Max/MSP Yamaha CL ProTools Reaktor
Zing Eos QLC+ Lightkey LX Console grandMA2 Vectorworks Capture

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